South Mountain Vet Clinic

3636 E. Ray Road, Ste 20
Phoenix, AZ 85044


Important Announcement!

Dr. Beyer has retired effective December 9th, 2023!

  paw print  The clinic is now closed permanently.   paw print

All current patients are welcomed at Family VetCare - (480) 759-9494

Family VetCare now has all your records. Family VetCare and I have worked together extensively, to make this a seamless transition for you. They provide excellent medical care and service, and have a long history in the valley - over 40 years! Like SMVC, Family VetCare is an independently owned, local business.

row of puppies

I wish you all happy and healthy lives for you and your pets! I am extremely grateful for all the years that you supported South Mountain Vet Clinic. I am confident that Family VetCare will take great care of you all!

Willie & Merle

Dr. Beyer can be reached at No medical advice or services can be provided.