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On July 11th, 2009, we took in a stray that had been shot in the left hind limb. He was a very sweet dog, and we couldn't bear the thought of putting him to sleep. His fracture would have required a specialist to repair the leg, so we amputated his back leg. He has been with us ever since.

Except for a 6-day stint in the desert.

Willie went on walkabout. He escaped from an adoptive owner, and we searched for him in the vicinity where he was lost. On several occasions, he was seen crossing Pecos into the reservation. We thought he was lost forever, but on the 6th morning,
Willie showed up at Dr. Beyer's back door, and was anxious to be with people again!

Willie (a.k.a. Wilbur, Wilson, and Chiklet) can be seen at the clinic with us most days. He has issues with anxiety, and still gets nervous when left alone. He's much better than when he first came to us, but he still goes to the office. The best part of his day is going to work and checking for kitties!

Willie has some very endearing habits. He loves to roll in the grass on his back, doing a rolling dance of joy! He'll do the same thing when first greeted in the morning, or after the horror of a bath. He loves to go up to his friend, Butch, and nibble him. We cannot be certain why Butch tolerates this.

He is very strange about treats - he'll often try something once, but then never again. He does seem to consistently like jerky-type treats. And you will be his buddy forever if you happen to have a Kong stuffed with liverwurst!

He went to visit Dr. Kelly Moffat, veterinary behaviorist at VCA Mesa Animal Hospital. He is working on his separation anxiety issues as well as basic training. He can now stay alone for an entire day, but he still comes to work, because he loves it so much! He is also working on his shyness. If you want to say hi to Willie in the office, just ask the staff, but we want to avoid increasing his fear level, so we usually ask that you wait until he approaches you. And if he doesn't, please don't be offended! Training is lifelong, especially with the fearful. He really is a very sweet boy, once he overcomes his fear.

Willie has also been going for some good runs - he loves to run, and is surprisingly fast! He bounds over bushes and looks for birds, lizards & bunnies to chase. He has been doing very well for off-leash runs in the desert! He loves to pounce on things, in true terrier fashion.
He also oves a good swim, and the dirtier the water, the better the swim!

He also got a DNA test done to determine his breed. Mostly it was indeterminate, but he does have some miniature schnauzer in him, which we thought all along!

While he still doesn't know how to play, he has been getting more dog-like every day.